Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide servers?

We are not server providers, we are managed service providers. We can recommend you good server providers in the industry.

Are there any extra charges to upgrade my plan?

There are no extra charges for plan upgrades.

Which modes of payments are accepted?

We accept payments via Paypal, Payza and Bank Wire Transfers. For Credit card payments you will have to select paypals credit card option.

For how long you are in business?

We are in business from more than 7 years and our team size is more then 30.

Where are you guys located? Is your team skilled?

We are located in India. Our team is internationally certified and highly experienced. Please check our team profiles for more details.

Will my information be kept secure?

Since inception, client's data protection has been our prime concern, we have never compromised with data protection. We have our own servers and the billing system is highly secure and updated time-to-time. All the server information and passwords are transmitted securely. For more information, please read our privacy policy.