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What Is Plesk ?

Plesk is an amazing control panel system for VPS and dedicated servers, the reason is that its menu is user-friendly. In other words, a server using Plesk is extremely easy to use, hence anyone with limited to zero experience can start administering their servers directly . The admin can generate client and site templates, which necessarily is allotting resources for domains and/or clients.

Plesk is meant to simplify the daily routine management and administration of websites . Plesk automates various tasks and processes on one or multiple servers. Additionally, Plesk is a web hosting platform with an impact panel which permits the admin to line up websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, DNS, and databases through an internet browser.

What's More?

DNS Helper

DNS Helper helps the users with taking their websites online by examining whether the user's domain name resolves to the Plesk server IP address. If not, DNS Helper facilitates comprehensive instructions, specifying the process to configure and manage DNS records of a domain on the domain registrar side.

Support for Plesk Mobile

The Plesk Mobile is now available and it has an intact working on iOS 14 and Android 11. By default push notifications are enabled and the iOS version supports Face ID.

Server Security

Ensure server security at all times with SSL/TLS certificates from the best and verified certificate authorities (CAs), such as Let's Encrypt and DigiCert (Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL brands). Our future endeavor is to increase support for more such CAs. The crucial functionality which is Plesk Obsidian, will be installed by default with each new installation and will also be preserved with upgrades.

Repair Kit

The system immediately discovers and rectifies issues with Plesk and Plesk services using the Repair Kit, a powerful self-repair tool.

Advanced Monitoring

You will be informed about your server and site availability at all times. Know the root cause of the issues arising among you website and server. We replace the existing HealthMonitoring tool with new Grafana charts. We also create notifications which inform the server and website owners about the issues related to resource utilization (CPU, RAM, Disk IO) via email.

PHP Composer support

Can't remember the commands which are required to run to install dependencies, generate classmap, or execute tests? No worries, Plesk is here to manage all of it just with click of a button. We know that updating dependencies is important for security purposes but it can result into a broken website. Well designed UI indicators clearly indicate if the updating is likely to origin trouble (major updates are more risky than the minor ones).