General Where relevant, the customer agrees to provide us with sufficient detail about, and access to, his/her services, policies and systems to enable us to provide the service to our customers and their customers. HostingShades will not be responsible for any problems for customer’s servers from data center end and the downtime or any kind of service interruption due to server downtime from data center end.

Customers will not directly or indirectly, during this agreement and for a period of 1 year after its expiry or termination engage, employ, contract or otherwise work in any manner, including but not limited to working as director, manager, agent or employing any person who is or was employed or engaged with us. You acknowledge that this period is no greater than is reasonably required to protect the goodwill of the business.

Trial Support
HostingShades offers trial support for only 1 basic issue (we deserve the right to consider which issues are basic and which are not) which is called the trial period. We recommend to use trial before purchasing the actual service and we will not provide any refund for those services having one time setup charges or installation charges. Please read the details of plan carefully.

All accounts are set up on a pre-pay basis. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform HostingShades on changes in Credit Card type, PayPal E-Mail Address or Expiration Date to their Credit Card. Credit Card accounts are billed once monthly. If customer’s Credit Card is declined, he/she will have seven days to make the payment, after these seven days, customer’s account will be placed on hold until services are paid for. All accounts issuing charge backs against HostingShades will be charged an additional $30.00 per charge back.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation request has to be submitted by client portal or by emailing sales for authorization purpose and not by informing it on live chat. Since all fees are payable in advance, there is no cancellation fee. In order to avoid charges for a subsequent billing cycle, customer need to cancel the service prior to the end of the current billing cycle. We recommend that he/she should cancel his/her subscription (if relevant) prior to the next billing date.
Customer reserves the right to cancel the service for any reason with prior notice of 7 days. We will not cancel the service from our part without notification.

Refund Policy
We offer refunds on selected Server Management Plans which we have advertise on our website, most the management plans have 15 days money back guarantee. After 15 days no refund will be offered. A refund request must have a valid reason, asking refunds without any valid reason will not considered.
Refunds can take from 24 hours to one week. We will not give back any refund for the automatic Paypal subscriptions, it will be automatically added as a credit to your account within our billing system.
For our hourly server admin charges, $30/hour will be applied for server administration time. We do not offer refund neither guarantee a solution with hourly support request.